C5’s First In-Person Work Day

First day of in-person work nerves: Picture this: It’s your first day of in-person work. You’re about to meet your co-workers who you’ve been working with for months virtually, but this time, in-person. It’s early and you can hear the birds chirping as you prepare for...

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C5 Visits Propel Northside

The PreparationOur preparation for the Propel Northside Back-to-School Carnival started roughly one month before the event. Our team’s creative guru, Giselle, led a brainstorming process where we planned some potential carnival games that we could tie to COVID-19...

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LCC Back-to-School Bash

There is a very distinct anxiety that bubbles up at the start of every new school year. With the world as we know it shifting to accommodate living during a pandemic, the worry has undoubtedly magnified. From the uncertainty of being in-person, the struggles that come...

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C5’s First Presentation

One busy training day in our C5 training we were given an assignment by our supervisor, Sarah. The assignment was for us to choose a podcast from the Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health Covid-19 Mental Health forum series, and make a short presentation on what...

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Now Hiring: Program Associate

PROGRAM ASSOCIATE  The Coro Center for Civic Leadership seeks a Program Associate who is passionate about Coro’s mission and is eager to work in an innovative environment. Reporting to the Vice President, the Program Associate will support programs, community...

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Healthcare Issue Week

As we draw our second Coro placement to a close and synthesize our experiences in the nonprofit industry, we are taking an in-depth look at Pittsburgh’s major health institutions. Our issue week following our nonprofit placements centered around the topic of...

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Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs: FAQs

600+ professionals apply to the Coro Fellowship each year. Below are the most common questions people ask our recruiters. General Questions What does “Coro” stand for? “Coro” (not C.O.R.O.) is a word chosen by the organization’s founders in 1942 to describe the unique...

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Coro Fellows Making a Difference

Challenging times call for adaptive leadership. At Coro, that also means supporting the people and organizations serving key needs for our communities. Our 2020-2021 Fellows joined the Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs to build more than their own talents - they...

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