In September 2016, the next cohort of Public Allies Pittsburgh will begin their full-time, ten-month, apprenticeships with local nonprofit organizations. Through this experience they pick up new skills, learn the day-to-day operations of their organization, expand their professional networks, and increase their understanding of the issues that their community is facing. The high level of individual and team-based work and professionalism necessitates that we find the 30 candidates who are the best fit for Public Allies Pittsburgh.

Join us and help build the next class of Public Allies Pittsburgh!

Judges will observe and score candidates on their leadership potential. The purpose is to test candidates’ abilities to make decisions in the face of ambiguity, to adapt quickly to changing circumstances, and to communicate in creative ways. In today’s complex world, leaders need to be able to master these skills in order to solve problems through mobilization of resources across political, sectoral, racial and other boundaries.

Benefits of being a Judge

  • Connect with other community members who are invested in bringing next generation leaders to Pittsburgh.
  • Meet the next generation of leaders
  • If you are considering hosting an Ally, get a sneak peek at the candidates
  • Gain insight into the Allies selection process (which may lead to some talent assessment ideas of your own)

Selection Day:
June 11, 2016 @ 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Goodwill Training Center, Lawrenceville
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If you would like to join us on Saturday, June 11th, please fill out this form

Questions: Contact: Michael Baltzer