Christian recently caught up with Andrea Elcock (Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs ‘15) to learn more about her new role with High Street Consulting Inc.

Christian: What have you been up to since graduating from the Coro Fellowship?

Andrea: After graduating from the Coro Fellowship I continued to work with my fourth placement host, the Port Authority of Allegheny County. For approximately four and a half years I served as a community planner helping the agency and its stakeholders advance and integrate programs around transit-oriented development, sustainability, and multimodal transportation. I also recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a Masters in Public Management and I currently serve on the board of directors for PUMP.

Christian: Congratulations again on your new role at High Street, what will you be doing?

Andrea: Thank you! At High Street, I will continue to focus on transportation planning, this time in a consulting role. I will be supporting our clients (i.e. state department of transportations, transportation agencies, etc.) to create plans that will guide their work in both the near future and long-range future. That can mean a variety of tasks such as engaging stakeholders, conducting research, providing policy guidance, identifying solutions, or more.

Christian: That’s amazing! How do you feel the Coro Fellowship prepared you for this role?

Andrea: I think my answer to this question continuously evolves but right now I’d say:  the Fellowship engages you in many different environments with numerous stakeholders. Through these different scenarios, the fellowship certainly boosted my ‘take action’ skills (asking the right questions, being prepared, etc.) but the most important tool for this role, I think, is knowing how to listen. By interacting with a diverse cohort, numerous project sponsors, subject-matter experts and stakeholders, the Fellowship prepared me to listen to, understand, and be able to translate the needs of those I am working with.

Christian: What advice would you give anyone considering applying for the fellowship?

Andrea: If you are on the fence – reach out to an alumni! There is a great base of alumni throughout the country and I found their insight very useful when looking into the Fellowship. The coffee-meeting is an awesome tool!