Challenging times call for adaptive leadership. At Coro, that also means supporting the people and organizations serving key needs for our communities. Our 2020-2021 Fellows joined the Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs to build more than their own talents – they committed to make impactful civic change within the Pittsburgh community.  

With 3,187 nonprofits in Pittsburgh alone, our Fellows will have the opportunity to do just that at their cycle 2 placement. The twelve Pittsburgh Fellows, selected from nearly 600 applicants for only 36 national spots,are now serving in capacity building roles in regional nonprofits. 

Over the next six weeks, our Fellows will serve at 12 Pittsburgh-area nonprofits where they will: 

  • Partake in meaningful, hands-on projects
  • Collaborate with reputable nonprofit leaders
  • Assist with the organization’s success and long-term goals

A Closer Look At Our Partners

Our 2020 partner organizations serve a wide array of community needs and focus areas including: 

  • Youth education and development 
  • Neighborhood revitalization
  • Cultural education and international experience
  • Professional development for women 
  • Expanding entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Food accessibility and nutrition
  • Immigration and ESL programs for families 
  • Economic development
  • Physical well-being 
  • Access to housing 

Learn more about the 2020 Fellows Nonprofit Partnering Organizations 


CEO/Executive Director: Nina Barbuto

Mission: “We build confidence through making by uniting communities of artists, technologists, makers, and learners”

Year Founded: 2011

Services: Provides youth educational programs that focus on art and technology 


Fellow Placed: Naeisha McCain

Project: “I will be working on grant research and writing to fund programs that happen off-site and in collaboration with schools or other organizations. I will also be helping to develop a Afrofuturism curriculum as part of a new program that is being offered at Assemble.”

EAT Initiative

CEO/Executive Director: Chef Claudy Pierre (founder)

Mission: “Empower hungry communities through food awareness and hospitality training”

Year Founded: 2015

Services: Offers food safety trainings, healthy cooking classes, cultural workshop, and arts fusion events


Fellow Placed: Nathaniel Petitt

Project: “I will be working alongside Chef Pierre and Naomi Ritter to develop the organization’s first-ever annual report. During 2019 and 2020, the Initiative has both furthered previous activities while also undertaking new ones, many in response to addressing the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. The annual report will seek to explain the Initiative’s evolving activities and explore where the organization’s focus may be headed to address food insecurity in the Pittsburgh region.”

First Tee

CEO/Executive Director: Eric Amato

Mission: “To impact the lives of young people by providing educational programs that build character, instill life-enhancing values and promote healthy choices through the game of golf”

Year Founded: 1997 

Services: Provides weekly golf classes and lessons and offers programs in schools and youth centers


Fellow Placed: Amy Chong

Project: “Amy Chong will be working with the CEO and President, Eric Amato, by redeveloping the onboarding process for new incoming board members, creating a marketing plan for the New Arnold Palmer Learning Space, developing a youth governing board for young people to actively engage with leadership and assisting with the year-end appeal to get more donations for the organization.”

Global Pittsburgh

CEO/Executive Director: Gail Shrott

Mission: “Forge cultural, educational, and business relationships between the Greater Pittsburgh Region and the global community through citizen diplomacy”

Year Founded: 1959 as Pittsburgh Council for International Visitors 

Services: International exchanges, homestay programs, membership programs, events 


Fellow Placed:  Adelyne Bejjani

Project: “I am working at GlobalPittsburgh, where I am helping plan for their fourth annual Immigrant Entrepreneur Celebration. The event nominates and ultimately awards immigrant entrepreneurs in the greater Pittsburgh region to recognize their accomplishments. This year, it will be virtual, and it will consist of a morning and an evening segment.”

Circles of Greater Pittsburgh

CEO/Executive Director: Tammy Thompson

Mission: Attempts to move people and families out of poverty and lessen poverty divide 

Year Founded: 2018

Services: Catapult: Startup to Storefront, a nine-month business strategy for minority and women entrepreneurs,  D.O.O.R. and K.E.Y. for homeownership 


Fellow Placed:  Gabriella Malavé 

Project: “I am working on designing their Peer-to-Peer program, specifically their processes, structure, and place based evaluation metrics. We are working alongside people who have been effected by poverty for generations, and the longer you have been exposed to poverty the more it mentally and psychologically effects you and your family. Through intentional relationships and dialogue about long term exposure to poverty, we hope that this curriculum is a baseline for creating plans for future financial security, building social capital, trusting relationships for long term stability and achieving economic justice.” 

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

CEO/Executive Director: Carmen Malloy (Board Chair)

Mission: “To develop, promote and advocate on behalf of Hispanic businesses & professionals in the Pittsburgh region, while encouraging the advancement and economic growth of Pittsburgh’s Hispanic community”

Year Founded: 2004

Services: Networking, education and advising for hispanic business owners and professionals, discussions with Pittsburgh corporations and elected officials, and more


Fellow Placed: John Dominguez

Project: “I’m working with the Executive Director to develop the organization’s long-term sustainability plan. As of now, the organization has outgrown its capacity, so we’re seeking a multi-year, capacity-building grant. This will secure valuable resources for generations of Hispanic leaders in the Pittsburgh region and stimulate economic growth for generations to come.”

Latino Community Center

CEO/Executive Director: Rosmaria Cristello

Mission: “Empower, advocate with, and celebrate Latinos in Allegheny County”

Year Founded: 2017

Services: Various educational and family services 


Fellow Placed: Priya Arya

Project: “I am working with the Latino Community Center, first, to help register children and manage logistics for the Navidad en Pittsburgh 2020 gift program,and second, to help coordinate and prepare food and hygiene donations for pickup every Friday.  The third [project] requires analyzing qualitative survey data in english and Spanish to create three follow-up questions for 4 community discussions or focus groups, the data from which will be compiled and analyzed in a presentation to the Board to aid in its decision regarding the future site location and desired features for its community center in Allegheny County.”

Local Government Academy

CEO/Executive Director: Joy M. Ruff, AICP

Mission: “We support and promote a strong and responsive local government system, develop effective local leaders, educate public officials, public employees and citizens, and build collaborations and partnerships”

Year Founded: 1983

Services: Online courses, Fall Workshop Series, and the Blight Mitigation Initiative


Fellow Placed: Christina Schwartz

Project: “ The first project has to do with creating a strategy to onboard newly appointed Board members (within the past 2 years). The second project has me working in partnership with LGA and Orion Strategies to develop a framework for a digital library to serve as an online database for interested parties to access past video sessions.”

Neighborhood Allies

CEO/Executive Director: Presley L. Gillespie (President)

Mission: “Our mission is to support the people, organizations and partnerships committed to creating and maintaining healthy neighborhoods”

Year Founded: 1983 as Pittsburgh Partnership for Neighborhood Development

Services: Support neighborhood vision and strategy, connect neighborhoods with resources and partners, and maintain healthy neighborhoods


Fellow Placed: Rosh Mehta

Project: “Rosh is working on breaking down the barriers to racial equity by reimaging property ownership and inclusive development.”

Professional Women’s Network

CEO/Executive Director: Danielle Parson (founder) 

Mission: “To connect, engage and inspire professional women throughout the Pittsburgh region” 

Year Founded: 2016

Services: Professional development opportunities for women in Pittsburgh


Fellow Placed: Lita Brillman

Project: “The project I am working on is forging new partnerships with women-owned businesses in the Pittsburgh area, as well as growing our network with individual businesswomen. I am also focusing on developing on our 2021 women’s empowerment luncheon, which has been moved to virtual to accommodate COVID.”

Somali Bantu Association

CEO/Executive Director: Aweys Mwaliya

Mission: “To provide services to the Somali Bantu community and families in Allegheny County Pennsylvania” 

Year Founded: 2012

Services: Maintain cultures and values of the community, the civic of the community, and provide interpreting services,educational improvement services, economic development, case management services and immigration services


Fellow Placed: Natalie Lalama

Project: “I will be presenting a workshop on grant writing and helping draft a grant proposal, making recommendations to the bylaws and organizational structures, and helping the Association network and build connections with similar nonprofits in Pittsburgh. The idea is that by the time the six weeks is up, there will be strategies in place to continue these projects, which will make the Association more efficient and sustainable as a nonprofit.

Tri-COG Landbank

 CEO/Executive Director: An Lewis 

Mission: “Our mission is to strategically restore investment in blighted properties to enhance community safety, value, and vibrancy”

Year Founded: 2017

Services: Transform abandoned properties and revitalize them to help the community 


Fellow Placed: Talor Crawford

Project: “ I will be doing research and compiling resources in multiple areas such as health, housing, poverty to support future strategic planning and grant writing. This also includes compiling research and recommendations of ways the Landbank can continue to center their work in equity through best practices and new programs.”

About The Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs

The Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs is a full-time, highly competitive 9-month national program hosted this year only in Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Fellows works closely with Pittsburgh’s most influential leaders and organizations while honing their leadership, civic-engagement, and professional skills. Unique to the program, Fellows rotate between placements in the government, business, nonprofit, and innovation sectors which adds significant capacity to organizational partners while building their experience and cross-sector problem solving skills needed to create inclusive solutions for social and civic problems.

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