On Thursday, February 11th, Coro Fellows John Schifalacqua and Keyva Clark presented a set of policy recommendations to the Homestead Borough Council. After spending a week in December examining the impact of the steel industry’s collapse on civic engagement in Homestead and Braddock, the Fellows were invited by Homestead Mayor Betty Esper to present actionable recommendations to the Homestead Borough Council.

A working group of Fellows analyzed information learned through research and conversation with Homestead residents and civic leaders to provide action-items that would benefit the Homestead community if implemented by the borough. Fellows outlined the benefits of consolidating the Homestead, West Homestead, and Munhall Fire Departments, as well as methods for the borough to increase resident awareness of community and social resources. The Fellows’ recommendations were well received by the Homestead Borough Council and residents in attendance. Mayor Esper and the Council are currently considering the feasibility of, and a timeline for, implementation of the Fellows’ recommendations.

The Coro Fellows would like to thank Mayor Esper and the Homestead Borough Council for the opportunity to speak at their council meeting and for their hospitality.

In addition to the named presenters, the following Coro Fellows contributed to the working group:

Robert Burack

Nic Marlton

Eric Martin

Annie Natarajan

Aly Shaw