Supporting the region while developing as civic leaders

Twelve diverse and talented young professionals from across the country  – selected from nearly 600 candidates – have hit the ground running in Pittsburgh as the 2020-21 Coro Fellows in Public Affairs. 

Already making an impact in their first placements working with four municipalities, assisting Allegheny County with CARES housing assistance, workforce programs, and state legislative initiatives, this Fellows cohort is taking extra steps to be intentionally engaged community members. They are actively volunteering with organizations in Homestead, a community where they were immersed early on. 

Over their nine months, our 2020-21 Coro Pittsburgh Fellows will:

  • Explore the dynamics of effective leadership while adding support to organizations at rotating field placements in government, business, nonprofit, and innovation
  • Investigate civic issues and policies affecting the Greater Pittsburgh region
  • Interview and build relationships with influential local leaders 
  • Strengthen their self-awareness, inquiry, and critical thinking through weekly seminars 
  • Combine all the above to contribute meaningfully to important regional projects 

FPPA 2020-21 By The Numbers:

Languages Spoken: 5

Participants Age Range:

  •  22-28

Gender Identity

  • 16.7% male
  • 75% female
  • 8.3% undisclosed 

Race / Ethnicity

  • 16.7% African American or Black
  • 25% Asian
  • 16.7% Latinx or Hispanic
  • 16.7% Middle Eastern
  • 33% two or more ethnicities / races
  • 25% white

Sexual Orientation


50% heterosexual

16.7% Undisclosed


100% Bachelor’s Degree

25% Graduate Degree

Meet the 2020-21 Coro Fellows

Coro congratulates these 12 incoming Fellows, representing 8 states & 14 universities:

Priya Arya, Jefferson University ‘21, Temple University ‘15

Adelyne Bejjani, Pittsburgh, PA; University of Pittsburgh ‘20

Lita Brillman, Pittsburgh, PA; University of Michigan – Ann Arbor ‘17

Amy Chong, South Pasadena, CA; University of Southern California ‘20, ‘19

Talor Crawford, St. Louis, MO; St. Louis University ‘20, Xavier University ‘18

John Dominguez, Arlington, VA; Cornell University ‘20

Natalie Lalama, Pittsburgh, PA; George Washington University ‘20

Gabriella Malave,  Long Island City, NY; Ithaca College ‘20

Roshni Metha, Phoenixville, PA; Carnegie Mellon University ‘20

Naeisha McClain, Columbus, GA; Oberlin College ‘20

Nathanial Pettit, Pittsburgh, PA; Brown University ‘20

Christina Schwartz, Salt Lake City, UT; Brigham Young University ‘19

This year’s Coro Fellowship experience will be facilitated by our Faculty Lead, Armani Davis, PhD. Armani is a masterful facilitator with a stellar track record of accelerating emerging talent. We’re excited to have him leading the learning process.

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