Hello!  My name is Iris Leverty.  I am a 21 year old junior at Duquesne University, graduating in May 2020.  I am originally from Severna Park, Maryland. I have experience in event coordination from working with Wedding Savvy this past summer and Event Connections Group in the summer of 2017.  Through Wedding Savvy, I got to experience what goes on behind the scenes at events like weddings. I experienced this through my work with the event planners and through helping them organize and create a schedule of events for the day’s activities.  Event Connections Group, on the other hand, gave me a different experience. I learned how to plan corporate events, like how to plan/organize a corporate cruise to Alaska from the planning stages all the way to the day the corporation left.

One of the main reasons why I chose Duquesne was that I wanted to live in a city that had many opportunities but I still wanted a university that had an actual campus and wasn’t spread out.  The minute I stepped onto Duquesne’s campus, I fell in love not only with the city of Pittsburgh but Duquesne’s campus as well. Also, Duquesne had the smaller class sizes I was looking for and a good student to teacher ratio.  Duquesne has an amazing study abroad program that attracted me to the university as well. Fortunately I was lucky enough to get to experience Duquesne’s study abroad program when I studied in Rome, Italy for the Spring 2018 semester.

My major is Integrated Marketing Communications.  I chose this major because it will give me skills that will allow me to have a job in communication, advertising, public relations, and marketing, all possible careers and areas I have an interest in.  This major doesn’t force me to narrow down my interests and choose a specific area that I am interested in. Instead it allows me to have a wide range of skills in these areas that will help me excel in any field I choose to go into.  I want to learn how to better communicate with different types of people and the classes I have to take will give me the opportunity to learn and work on these types of skills.

Coro Pittsburgh interested me in the first place because I wanted to work for and with an organization that will not only help me become a more educated and better leader but a more educated and better person as well.  The mission of Coro Pittsburgh is very important because I believe that having diverse groups in leadership roles can be helpful in bringing different groups together. Also, teamwork is very important to me because without it no one would agree on ideas and nothing would get done.  Coro Pittsburgh draws on learning from experience, which is something I need to do in order to grow and learn from my mistakes and accomplishments. I hope to learn and gain more leadership skills throughout my time at Coro Pittsburgh.