MLK 2017 Distinguished Emerging Leadership Award Finalists

Nicole Harrington

Nicole works at the Bethlehem Haven Homeless Shelter helping homeless people find housing and earn income. She goes out in the community, attends events, and advocates for the work that Bethlehem Haven is doing for the care of the women. She uses her skills and knowledge to quickly adapt to the environment. She create a website called devoted to bringing women together in Christ to build a sisterhood relationship through, encouragement, service, and spiritual growth.


Hashaam Jamil

Hashaam has been engaged in service since he arrived at the University of Pittsburgh, where he is a Psychology & Sociology major. He volunteers through the Student Civic Engagement Council in the Office of PittServes and was accepted as a Brown Fellow in the summer of 2016 to serve the Northside community. He has been a leader in “The Bottom Line” program to engage students from diverse groups to serve and learn with community organizations. Through this project he is organizing interfaith dialogue with the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh and several other local organizations. He also serves as a Resident Assistant and engages his residents in focused service and reflection opportunities. His future aspirations include international work with nonprofits (primarily in Africa and the Middle East) and eventually work for the United Nations.


Delante Murphy

Delante has worked for the past two years with 1Hood Media, a collective of socially conscious artists and activists who utilize art as a means of raising awareness about social justice matters affecting people around the world. He has blossomed from quiet contemplative to expressive young activist working in and for our community. He is a talented Hip Hop artist that utilizes his microphone to provoke both change and the thought needed to institute it. He is a member of the Heinz Endowments Transformative Arts Process board where he supports growth of the youth artist field in Pittsburgh. Additionally, he holds great responsibility for his age, working several part-time jobs, assisting with finances at home, and helping with his younger siblings.