There have been a lot of exciting new changes here at Coro Pittsburgh including the addition of Jeremy Goldstein, our Ally Leader. 

Keep reading to learn more about him and the work he’ll be doing this year.

1. Tell us a little bit more about your role. I am an Americorps Executive Public Ally placed at Coro in the Ally Leader position. I will be assisting with outreach to Coro alumni and partners, surveys, program and event development, and recruitment. 

2. What brought you to Coro? I was brought to Coro through my participation in the Americorps Public Allies program.

3. What makes Coro unique from past roles? What makes Coro unique from past roles is the sheer diversity, and the quantity of programs and community partners it is involved with as an organization. 

4. What do you wish to accomplish over your first 90 days? I hope to have a plan set out for how we can improve our understanding of our alumni, partners, and potential recruits’ needs, so that we can improve outreach.

5. What has been your favorite moment so far? Getting to know the staff and new Public Allies cohort.

6. What is your personal mission statement or quote/mantra that inspires you? How does that guide your work here at Coro? I believe in power to the people, but that power has slipped away from the people and into the hands of a concentrated few, but Coro has the capacity to teach and create compassionate future leaders who can fight for the common good.

7. When you aren’t on Zoom meetings, or sending emails, how do you spend your free time? I’m watching movies, listening to music, and reading.

 8. Best Pittsburgh restaurant, landmark, and activity? Ali Baba, the Civic Arena, and concerts 

9. Favorite quarantine snack and show? Muffins and Rising

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