There have been a lot of exciting new changes here at Coro Pittsburgh including the addition of Summer Hunter-Kysor, our Program Associate. 

Keep reading to learn more about her and her position.

1. Tell us a little bit more about your role. As a Program Associate, I focus on the logistics and compliance of Coro programs. I prioritize data collection and analysis of our programs, so that we can regularly evaluate program and participant outcomes and continually refine our work. I also support recruitment efforts and perform research based on Coro’s current needs.

2. What brought you to Coro? Growing up, I was involved in a number of leadership and professional development programs. My dad actually ran a few similar programs as a career services professional. He and my mom pushed me to continually improve myself professionally and personally. After earning my bachelor’s degree, I taught abroad and recognized the need for leadership and professional development programs within many diverse communities. I decided to go back to school and learn more about running people-oriented programs and the nonprofit sector. Through conversations with my colleagues and professors, I learned about all that the Pittsburgh nonprofit sector has to offer as well as the amazing reputation of Coro programs. After speaking with Naomi and Selena, I could imagine working here and became excited at the prospect of making a difference in my community.

3. What makes Coro unique from past roles? I think Coro has a very unique and progressive definition of leadership. It is much more inclusive and encouraging for people who do not see themselves as traditional leaders. Coro pushes itself to improve and fill the gaps of community needs. The work environment is also very open, welcoming, and accepting. I feel happy to wake up and work (even remotely), because I feel valued as a member of staff.

4. What do you wish to accomplish over your first 90 days? I have such a long list of goals for myself, so this is a hard question (especially since time is quickly running out!). Realistically, I would like to feel comfortable talking about each of our programs in-depth. I want to learn as much as possible about Coro’s work in the Pittsburgh region. I also plan to actively get to know all Coro staff. I think this is important for a satisfying work environment for all. Finally, I am in the process of creating a long-term work plan for myself, which was also a major goal of mine. 

5. How was the virtual transition to Coro? I am so surprised by how comfortable I felt onboarding virtually. My last position was completely virtual due to Covid-19 as well, so maybe I’m getting used to it. But I think it also has a lot to do with how personable everyone is. My technology skills have definitely improved!

6. What has been your favorite moment so far? I loved sitting in on Core Training for our Public Allies program. It was great to get to know some of our participants and see staff in action. Everyone worked so hard, and it all seemed to pay off.  

7. What is your personal mission statement or quote/mantra that inspires you? How does that guide your work here at Coro? “Live less out of habit and more out of intent.” I think people often get so lost in everyday activities and repetitions that they lose sight of their true goals and values. I try to remind myself of the intentions behind everything I do, especially when in tough situations. It helps you stay motivated and focused and also reminds you when it’s time to make a change in your life.

8. When you aren’t on Zoom meetings, or sending emails, how do you spend your free time? I love being active. After work you can find me at the gym, outdoors hiking, or on runs. I also love to play tennis! I’m an avid cook / baker, so once our office opens up completely, you’ll see my baked goods everywhere! 

9. Best Pittsburgh restaurant, landmark, and activity? For best Pittsburgh restaurant, I absolutely have to say Bar Marco. I worked there the last 2 years during grad school. The food and drinks are amazing, but the people and atmosphere can’t be beat. If you haven’t been there, you should definitely go!

10. Favorite quarantine snack and show? I finally started watching Stranger Things, and it’s SO good. I can’t believe it took this long for me to begin! My favorite snack has to be overnight oats. I eat them for breakfast nearly every day now, but you can make any kind you want, so it never gets old!

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