There have been a lot of exciting new changes here at Coro Pittsburgh including the addition of Armani Davis, PhD, the Coro Faculty Lead of our flagship Fellows Program in Public Affairs. 

Keep reading to learn more about him and his position.

1. Tell us a little bit more about your role. The FPPA brings the best and brightest from around the country all with varying perspectives and beliefs into one space to create future leaders.  The process is centered around learning from sector immersion, personal experience, differences, and the experiences of others and experts.  The group’s ultimate goal is self-governance, my job is to empower the fellows and help facilitate this learning process.

2. What brought you to Coro? The values of the organization.  In particular I was intrigued by the learner’s need for ownership of the educational process.  I strongly believe in the power of education in both traditional and non-traditional formats. Coro challenges their fellows to be hungry for learning opportunities no matter the format and when they do not readily produce themselves to create them. 

3. What makes Coro unique from past roles? The idea of no one having all the answers.  Coro drops the idea of the all-powerful educator and really focuses on interdependency in the learning process.

4. How was the virtual transition to Coro? The virtual transition has been great because of the weekly check-ins and clear communication with colleagues. I really appreciate weekly confabs, in these meetings I learn a lot about Coro and how my role fits into the larger system.  My transition had a lot of face to face interaction as well.  We did a lot of outlining on whiteboards and hypotheticals to really hone in on what Coro does, Coro’s legacy, and plans for the future. 

5. What do you wish to accomplish over your first 90 days? To fully understand the Coro process and legacy.  I began work with the FPPA fellows right away and took a deep dive into the history of Coro, but the legacy in Pittsburgh is something conversation with past participants and sponsors will bring alive–– not a textbook.

6. What has been your favorite moment so far? My favorite part of Coro so far has been the aha moments.  Coro is complex, and one reading or a single perspective on anything does not lead to understanding. It takes conversation, multiple readings, and multiple perspectives on each unique learning point.  This process makes the aha moment so worthwhile when things begin to add up.

7. What is your personal mission statement or quote/mantra that inspires you? How does that guide your work here at Coro? “If your dreams don’t scare they are not big enough” This quote drives me in everything I do.  We have to believe in the impossible to really break through societal and self-imposed limitations.  I encourage everyone to dream, and when your dream becomes a reality push further. 

8. When you aren’t on Zoom meetings, or sending emails, how do you spend your free time? I am a washed-up former athlete.  When I am not on my laptop I try to stay active.  Football is a passion of mine so anything that gets me closer to the game I enjoy. I played semi-pro after college, but I no longer do.

9. Best Pittsburgh restaurant, landmark, and activity? My favorite Pittsburgh based restaurant is Carmi’s; my favorite landmark is a driving experience, but it is the tunnel entrance to the city at night from the airport, and my favorite activity is probably the Steeler Game Experience. 

10. Favorite quarantine snack and show? My favorite quarantine snack has to be KFC.  KFC is a meal to some but I often snack there lol.  My quarantine show is definitely Diff’rent Strokes.

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